Pattern Recognition Process of Poor, Middle Class, Rich & Wealthy People || Jahid Hasan

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Often times we hear these 4 words, Poor, Middle Class, Rich, and Wealthy. But we don’t really understand what does these mean! And we also can’t understand the reason, logic, and science behind it that why people are falling into different categories. To be more specific, why are some people being poor and middle class, and on the other hand some people are being super-rich and wealthy from this same world that we live in. Well, let me assure you one thing for sure, we don’t become poor, middle class, rich, or wealthy by accident. It’s a pure strategy that we follow or we are in, knowingly or unknowingly. And moreover, we are subconsciously following those particular clubs’ rules, regulations, and strategies. But until or unless we consciously find out the pattern of all these 4 clubs strategies, rules, regulations, and patterns then we will not be able to get out of this rat race of poor and middle-class club and input ourselves into rich and wealthy clubs.

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What Will You Learn?

  • 1) You will know why poor people are poor.
  • 2) 6 things that poor and middle-class clubs follow subconsciously and becoming middle class to poor day by day.
  • 3) You will know the 6 strategies that are followed by the Rich & Wealthy club.
  • 4) Why and How only a limited number of people are being rich and wealthy in the world and the reason, logic, and science behind Rich & Wealthy Club.

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