Every great personality had a personal coach or mentor in their life. To name a few, Michael Jordan became great when he got Phil Jackson as a Mentor, Cus D’Amato brought Mike Tyson in the ring and has made history in the boxing field. The great and legendary Entrepreneur Steb Jobs had Bill Campbell beside him and the Legendary Life and Business Strategist Tony Robbins had the Great Jim Rohn and so on. But who do you have for your life and Business mentor? Here, Jahid Hasan wants to help you, to train you, coach you so that you can get the dream life and business situation lot quicker than doing it by yourselve in the loss of your valuable asset called Time, Money and Energy.

Discover Yourself 

Discover yourself is a project to help you find and how to develop your true strengths, weaknesses, and skillsets which is highly required in this 21st century for your Personal and Professional Life’s success, especially as a job holder.
The world of work is changing fast and new jobs are constantly emerging. You have to do a lot more than before to stay afloat in your chosen field or (re)qualify in order to maximize your earning potential and achieve a fulfilling career. Expert counseling services definitely be beneficial for anyone looking for a change in career or just keeping their options open and Discovering themself with an Experienced Mentor.
Topics We Work on : 
1) Goal Setting to Goal Getting Strategy.
2) 7 Steps to get an Exact Job with Position.
3) 2 Ways and 1 Formula to get Happy Work-Life.
4) Passion Identification and Purpose Setting Strategies.
5) Strategies to be Self Employed.
6) How to Convert your Passion into a Profession.
7) Understanding Love and Relationships of Life.
8) Ways to Overcome Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Focus on Life’s Goals.
9) Career Roadmap.
10) Understand 21st Century Job Economy.
11) How to Raise Your Standard.
Details of the Program:
1) Duration: Customized.
2) Opportunity to Ask Question & Get Answer to Clarify Yourself.(Interactive Session).
3) 05K – 20K BDT(Per Session).
Private mentoring is not for everyone and not everyone is approved for it. Fill out the information below and we can see if you qualify.

6 + 10 =

Your Greatness is Only Limited by the Investment you Make on Yourself.