Every great personality had a personal coach or mentor in their life. To name a few, Michael Jordan became great when he got Phil Jackson as a Mentor, Cus D’Amato brought Mike Tyson in the ring and has made history in the boxing field. The great and legendary Entrepreneur Steb Jobs had Bill Campbell beside him and the Legendary Life and Business Strategist Tony Robbins had the Great Jim Rohn and so on. But who do you have for your life and Business mentor?┬áHere, Jahid Hasan wants to help you, to train you, coach you so that you can get the dream life and business situation lot quicker than doing it by yourselve in the loss of your valuable asset called Time, Money and Energy.


Whether its the boardroom, war room, or bedroom, every executive or entrepreneur gets to a point where they need someone they can discuss their biggest challenge in business with to make the best possible choices. Make the right choices and the company scales, retains key people and you get peace of mind. Make the wrong choices and sometimes the damage can be irreparable. Jahid has built a scalable business, taken it to level of 8 figure valuation in just 2 years, made mistakes and now teaches Individuals, Startup, Executives, Board rooms and other Entrepreneurs how to succeed in all aspects from Scratch.
Topics We Work On: (individual program)
1) Right Entrepreneural Mindset Assessment & Setup.
2) Sales & Marketing Strategy Building.
3) Business Customization and System Building.
4) Business Growth/Scale Support.
5) Self Employability and Solopreneurship Strategy Building.
Details of the Program:
1) Duration: Customized.
2) Opportunity to Ask Question & Get Answer to Clarify Yourself.(Interactive Session).
3) 10K – 50K BDT(Per Session).
Private mentoring is not for everyone and not everyone is approved for it. Fill out the information below and we can see if you qualify.
It’s not Enough just to Play the Game, It’s Vital that you Learn how to Win at this Game.