Every great personality had a personal coach or mentor in their life. To name a few, Michael Jordan became great when he got Phil Jackson as a Mentor, Cus D’Amato brought Mike Tyson in the ring and has made history in the boxing field. The great and legendary Entrepreneur Steb Jobs had Bill Campbell beside him and the Legendary Life and Business Strategist Tony Robbins had the Great Jim Rohn and so on. But who do you have for your life and Business mentor? Here, Jahid Hasan wants to help you, to train you, coach you so that you can get the dream life and business situation lot quicker than doing it by yourselve in the loss of your valuable asset called Time, Money and Energy.


Whether its the boardroom, war room, or bedroom, every executive or entrepreneur gets to a point where they need someone they can discuss their biggest challenge in business with to make the best possible choices. Make the right choices and the company scales, retains key people and you get peace of mind. Make the wrong choices and sometimes the damage can be irreparable. Jahid has built a scalable business, taken it to level of 8 figure valuation in just 2 years, made mistakes and now teaches Individuals, Startup, Executives, Board rooms and other Entrepreneurs how to succeed in all aspects from Scratch.
Topics We Work On:
1) Right Entrepreneural Mindset Assessment & Setup.
2) Marketing Strategy.
3) Business Communication.
4) Sales Strategy & Skills.
5) Business Scaling Strategy.
1. One on One Single Session Starts From 25k Taka
2. One on One Session 1 Year Membership Starts From 150k Taka
It’s not Enough just to Play the Game, It’s Vital that you Learn how to Win at this Game.

Life & employability

Life & employability is a project to help you find and how to develop your true strengths, weaknesses, and skillsets which is highly required in this 21st century for your Personal and Professional Life’s success, especially as a job holder.
The world of work is changing fast and new jobs are constantly emerging. You have to do a lot more than before to stay afloat in your chosen field or (re)qualify in order to maximize your earning potential and achieve a fulfilling career. Expert counseling services definitely be beneficial for anyone looking for a change in career or just keeping their options open and Discovering themself with an Experienced Mentor.
Topics We Work On: 
1) Goal Setting to Goal Getting Strategy.
2) 7 Steps to get an Exact Job with Position.
3) 2 Ways and 1 Formula to get Happy Work-Life.
4) Passion Identification and Purpose Setting Strategies.
5) Strategies to be Self Employed.
6) How to Convert your Passion into a Profession.
7) Understanding Love and Relationships of Life.
8) Ways to Overcome Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Focus on Life’s Goals.
9) Career Roadmap.
10) Understand 21st Century Job Economy.
1. One on One Single Session Starts From 5.5k Taka
2. One on One Session 1 Year Membership Starts From 50k Taka
Your Greatness is Only Limited by the Investment you Make on Yourself.

Financial Education

Financial Education is only for the people who are highly ambitious, self-driven, money, wealth and success motivated and who wants to get the right Financial Education in order to achieve sure, true, safe, secure and financial freedom in life.
Topics We Work On:
1) Fundamental of Money.
2) How to Start Earning from Zero.
3) How to be a Money Magnet (High Earner ).
4) Business Pulse With AVH Formula.
5) Fundamental of Investment.
6) Money is a Doubling Game.
7) How Wealthy people play the Money & Wealth Game.
8) The Language of Wealth.
9) The Magic of Life & Million Dollar Math.
10) How to be in 1% Club.
11) Pattern Recognition Process of Poor.
12) Middle Class, Rich & Wealthy People.
13) Financial Freedom Process.
1. One on One Single Session Starts From 25k Taka
2. One on One Session 1 Year Membership Starts From 150k Taka
Money is Not the Ultimate Solution to your Life’s Financial Problems But the Right Financial Education is.


How to Improve Your Sales Process

Professional selling has three stages. They are prospect, present, and follow up. These phases make up the “sales funnel.” Here’s how to keep your funnel full while keeping your pipeline flowing with prospects:

1) If you’re not satisfied with your results, analyze your performance in these prospect, present, and follow up areas, and see where you can improve to have biggest impact on your revenue.

2) The way to increase sales is to increase the quality or quantity of your activity in one or more of these areas.

3) Use the “80/20 rule.” Spend 80% of your time prospecting and presenting, and spend only 20% of your time following up with potentially high-value customers.

For more in-depth information on this and other tips, I highly recommend you to join Passionate World University or Take Personal Coaching/Mentorship from Jahid.

Establishing credibility and building trust in your company is most effective with a good marketing strategy.

Consumers in a competitive market need to understand why they should choose your business over another. Marketing helps inform customers about what you do and how it solves a problem they have.

It’s important to set your brand apart from others to give customers what they want. Through marketing, provide details about your product, brand, mission, and values and how it will improve the customers’ lives.

Business Communication Skills Development Mentorship

Being one of the core life skills, effective communication always stands in good stead to every individual.

Communication skills have a major role to play in the personal as well as professional life of a person.

Naturally, the success of an organisation is greatly attributable to the effective communication skills exhibited by its resources in everyday business transactions. This competency greatly enhances the process flow of information exchange and comes handy when reaching out to existing and potential stakeholders. To improve these we highly recommend you to join Passionate World University now or Take Personal Coaching/Mentorship from Jahid.

Topics We Work On: 
1. Sales Mindset.
2. Basic of Sales.
3. Master The Sales Process.
4. Understand the Buying Stages.
5. Understand The Types Of Customers.
6. Master The Cold Calling.
7. Master The Warm Calling.
8. Be A Master Objection Handler.
9. Be A Master Negotiator.
10. How To Build A World Class Sales Team.
11. 7 Most Valuable Skills In The World.
12. Incoming Call Mastery.
1. One on One Single Session Starts From 25k Taka
2. One on One Session 1 Year Membership Starts From 150k Taka



Managerial training/consulting is a program that seeks to transition an employee from having a team member to team leader mindset. Or in other words, an individual contributor to managing a team. It also focuses on all the various soft skills that aids with enhanced team work and productive relationships.

In leadership training programs, We evaluate leadership strategies, review examples of strong and poor leadership attributes, and analyze how to do better. The goal of leadership training/consulting is to build these skills — or sharpen team members’ existing skills — to help them become future great leaders.

Topics We Work On: 
1. How To Think While Building A World Class Team.
2. What To Look For In A Team Member.
3. Special Recruiting /Hiring Process.
4. How To Manage & Lead Or How Not To Manage & Lead A Team.
5. How To Scale And Systemize The Team.
1. One on One Single Session Starts From 15k Taka
2. One on One Session 1 Year Membership Starts From 120k Taka

Private mentoring is not for everyone and not everyone is approved for it. Fill out the information below and we can see if you qualify.