Business Pulse With AVH Formula || Jahid Hasan

Business is never complicated unless you make it. If you really understand this simple formula of Jahid and execute on it then you will gain more money in one year than that you have invested in getting a business or any graduation degree your whole life so far. Now when you are watching it Eliminate all the Knowledge that you have placed in you and free your Mind to Absorb the Juice of it fully. After this course you will say that business is a very easy thing and i must give a try following these formula irrespective of my situation of life.

How To Start Earning From Zero || Jahid Hasan

This is the most favorite course of Jahid for any business irrespective of their size and growth level, specially StartUp. Because this course is designed based on a situation where a person has no money, no connection, no solid product except the idea of a product in imagination and no physical offices but a Dream to be financially free. So, in this type of situation where a person needs to focus on, how a person needs to approach forward in terms of branding, product creation, positioning and marketing, and sales process creating, what to focus on to create marketing and sales pipeline and why to focus on those points. Jahid has built his 7 figure valuation of business by focusing on these 3 formulas day and night for several years. He continues following these principles to expand his brand, income, and life.

Fundamental of Money || Jahid Hasan

In this materialistic worldly life, one of the most important subjects is Money. But only some people know the basics about it. And almost Nobody is talking and teaching people about this super valuable subject of Life. This course is designed in such a way that will transform the way you view Money and the way you need to view money that will reduce at least 25 years of your lifetime Hardwork if you focus on the Calculation message given in the course. See, Money is not a bad thing but too much love toward it can create greediness. But if you can attach indestructible purpose then even that greediness will turn out to be a good thing for both worlds. So knowing how to align indestructible purpose with money is a crucial thing to do. This course is all about Money why are you lacking it and What are the necessary things to overcome the first step of creating Financial Freedom.

How To Be In 1% Club || Jahid Hasan

Great and Wealthiest of the Planet don’t love the trophy as much as they love the process of the game. Many people think that Success is a Destination, But It’s not. It’s a damn process and if you know the process well nobody can stop you but you. But the real question is Do you know the Process? How many people know the exact and right process? The truth is 96% of the world’s population they do not know the process to get there. Only 3% of people know the game 50% of the whole game and only 1% of people have been able to discover the whole 100% of the process. And only a few people are talking and teaching about these Processes. I have invested more than a decade to study the “Science of success and the wealthy” And I have got the damn process that only 1% percenter’s know and play. And this Course is designed to step by step to teach you about those processes.
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Fundamental of Investment || Jahid Hasan

The best rule of investment game is that you never lose money. (Warren Buffet)

96% of the world’s population are in the Worker society, they sell their time to make money, they only know that one way to survive financially in life that’s why they remain poor and broke for the rest of their life. Because you live here for a limited time and physical ability for humans is very limited as a result your income is also exponentially limited.


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How To Be A Money Magnet (Millionaire Process) || Jahid Hasan

Have you seen the Real Magnet? What it does? We all know the nature of the magnet, it attracts metal. Instead of being attracted to metal and moving toward it, it attracts the metal to coming toward itself. Similarly, most of the people are chasing money but end up getting nothing, I repeat, literally nothing. Why is it like this? Have you ever asked this question? Well, Wait. Have you noticed that even almost 7 billion people are chasing money every single day and not getting anything significant, on the other hand, there are few people who also live in this world and most amazingly around us,

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The Magic of Life & Million Dollar Math || Jahid Hasan

Life and Business are about number games. But Hey, wait a minute and let me ask you a question, do you know that how this number works in life and business games? Do you know how to align numbers with life and business in order to find success with internal fulfillment? Do you know why it happens that only a few people get the kind of life that they desire and the rest of them miss out on this lifetime gift? If anybody thinks that becoming financially free is hard, getting a happy and fulfilling life is impossible, and hitting 7, 8, 9 even 10 figure financial marks is impossible to reach then you must go through this course and rethink your paradigm (thinking). 

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Money Is A Doubling Game || Jahid Hasan

If you are willing to play the money game, then first you have to understand and acknowledge that making money is a game. And any game that you play in life, you must have the attitude to win in it. And most importantly you have to love playing the game, which shows the level of your passion. When you are entering to play this game you have to remember that It’s a doubling game and while playing this game you have to be patiently aggressive. What do I mean by patiently aggressive? You have to know it as it is the secret sause of the wealthy. Which is very hard for so many people to adapt. But you have to develop this skillset in you. You can’t make massive money or wealth by playing it defensively. And you can’t become aggressive without patient in terms of doubling the game. You have to know these doubling strategies to be successful with less time.

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Language of The Wealth || Jahid Hasan

Everything has It’s own pattern and sometimes we call it the language of that particular thing. Similarly, wealth-building strategy has It’s own pattern too. And i call it The language of the wealth. In order to understand someone, you need to communicate through a common language that is understood by both. The same applies to wealth building. Wealthy has their own language and if you can not match that frequency of language you can never be rich or wealthy. No matter how hard you work or for how long you work. There are six most powerful words in wealth building field that are highly understood and used by the wealthy. Which you must understand deeply and apply 120% in order to be wealthy.

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Real System and Law of Earning Money || Jahid Hasan

If anybody wants to reach a certain destination then they must get into the right vehicle. Because if that vehicle is not right then that will not be sustainable and at the same time if that vehicle is not going to the destination where you want to go then you will end up losing your time, money, energy, and sometimes even it costs your life. The same goes for financial achievement. If you want to reach your desired destination then you must first choose the right vehicle, then you must choose the vehicle which is going to your destination according to your time. If you fail to do so, which by the way 99% of people fail then the consequences is well known. But I don’t want you to be in that 99% club and together we want to reach in 1% club. Then join in this most valuable course..

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Financial Freedom Process || Jahid Hasan

Who doesn’t want to get Financial Freedom in life? But do you know what are the Processes of getting it? If we analyse the education fields in the world, we can see three major fields, Academic Education, Professional Education and Financial Education. On this planet, most of the people takes academic education, few of them also take professional education, but one of the most important education in worldly life that financial education is far away from most of us. Almost no one takes Financial Education yet they want to be rich. Passionate World is all about the Life Freedom and Financial Freedom. But out of this huge deep ocean this financial freedom process course will show you the processes step by step in order to get financial freedom in life. No matter which situation of your life you are in, this is the ultimate process to financial freedom.

Money Process

Money Process || Jahid Hasan

Money can’t buy happiness, money doesn’t grow on trees, don’t talk about money all the time. We hear this kind of sentence all the time around us. But no matter what you say, what you believe in, and who you are, at the end of the day, it all comes down to money as we live on an economic planet. Everything that you do from waking up in the morning till you go to bed at night for sleep requires money. But unfortunately, most of the population of the world, couldn’t figure out the ways to make money let alone make a massive amount of money and wealth and to reach financial freedom. If we see the statistics we can see that more than 1 billion people live under 1 dollar a day, more than 4.5 billion people live under 10 dollars a day and some people have been able to figure out how to make 100 dollars a day and only a few people know how to make more than that when the truth of the fact is, almost everybody in the world is chasing it.

Money Process

Pattern Recognition Process of Poor, Middle Class, Rich & Wealthy People || Jahid Hasan

Often times we hear these 4 words, Poor, Middle Class, Rich, and Wealthy. But we don’t really understand what does these mean! And we also can’t understand the reason, logic, and science behind it that why people are falling into different categories. To be more specific, why are some people being poor and middle class, and on the other hand some people are being super-rich and wealthy from this same world that we live in. Well, let me assure you one thing for sure,

Money Process

100 Life & Financial Thoughts || Jahid Hasan

100 Life & Financial Thoughts, we are calling it a course but in reality, It’s not a course but It’s a preview of the courses and the services that we provide to the people and help them with. If you enter into these free contents, then you will very nicely understand what type of services we (Passionate World) are giving and How and in What extent we are adding value to one’s Life & Financial Freedom Process. You will not only understand the problems that are faced by most of the people in the world including you and myself but also you will definitely get the proper solution to those problems from Passionate World. These 100 Life & Financial Thoughts, Free contents have been made to educate, enlighten and empower the people and increase the awareness about Life and Financial concepts, and make people understand and realize that they must find a Proper, Proven, and Authentic solution to their very important problems of Life & Finances.