Programme at Chapai Nawabganj

One of the most important things to do as a human being is to have a clear direction about where you are going with your financial, emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual life. Join in Passionate World University now to get Life, Career and Financial Wake Up Messages from Jahid and many other Expert of relevant field.


It was an incredible speech today in front of 500+ people at TSC auditorium Rajshahi University. But it’s a great feeling. Not a single seat was empty and even 30 to 50+ people were standing outside. YCB team has shown great skill to arrange such a huge gathering. Thanks to all of them. I have spoken many times in front of 100, 150 plus people before. But from today I have set some standard for the future program of mine.

Day Long Sales Training Programme

It was a sales training to the staff of Sakib Math, a reputed coaching center in Rajshahi. The training was for one day. The main objective of the training was to make their staff proficient in sales calls and communication.

Public Speech at Fit Life Gymnasium Rajshahi.

Fit Life Gym is one of the premier gymnasiums in Rajshahi Division. I was talking about the importance of fitness and the business perspective and future of fitness industry. I captured this picture while attending their annual program as a guest speaker.

Deal Signing Moment

We had a program called money challenge. The objective of this program was how to earn 6 figure money from zero in just 60 days. A moment of the signing of the contract of the money challenge program is captured in the frame.

Online Class of Money Challenge Program

The mission of our Money Challenge program was to know the ways to earn 6 figures from zero in just 60 days. The online class of that program started with about 10 members. We successfully completed that program and proved that our formula works100%.

Money Challenge Program Offline Event

The offline event of our passionate world university’s Money Challenge Program was held at Cookiejar restaurant in Rajshahi. We managed to finish the program smoothly with around 15 people in attendance.


Planning to Study Abroad? Passionate World arranged an online seminar to hear real life experiences from one of our special guest who have been pursuing his higher studies in HONG KONG.


Planning to Study Abroad? Passionate World arranged an online seminar to hear real life experiences from one of our special guest who have been pursuing his higher studies in SOUTH KOREA.

Standout From The Crowd

This is an incredibly life changing book for all of you irrespective of your life and financial situation right now, Irrespective of your position or degrees or experience, Age, and any Level. Because here, I have talked about Talents, Passion, How can we find our real and ultimate passion out of our talent list in life, How to set Purpose with our discovered passion, How to Convert our Passion into Profession which you generally never get from any conventional schools, Colleges, or Universities.

International Company’s Guest Speaker.

I appeared as a guest speaker of a reputed international American company’s group of people (Jeunesse Global) in Dhaka. There was a speech given on The Power of Marketing. All in all, the event was a very good experience.

Speech at Career Center of Varendra University Rajshahi.

I was invited as a guest speaker at the career center of Varendra University Rajshahi, which is a reputed private university in Rajshahi division. The power & importance of dream & goal setting of the students was the topic of the talk. After that we had Q&A session for some time.