Passionate Speakers Project

s3It is said that, speakers are leaders and leaders are speakers and we want those committed Passionate People under this project who wants to prepare themselve and Rock the Market Place as a great employe or by becoming a great Entrepreneur.

Passionate Speakers is such a project of Passionate World which is created to help and Improve the Quality of a very limited person and the Skillsets to Dominate the Job Market and as well as the Business Market.

The project includes three major elements of Communication Skill which are :

1. English Language Development.
2. Presentation /Public Speaking Skill.
3. Viva / Interview Skill development.

It focuses on solely to develop your communication skill and make you a person who can Rock the Stage of full Audience and win the heart of the people and help you position yourself as a Unique Person in the World by creating your own Identity of Personality.

Admission Is Going On…
Connect us Quickly at this number 01754616173 or Fill the form here and Let’s See If You Qualify To Be A Trainee at Passionate World.

Online Batch & Brief Description

  • Class Quantity : 40+
  • Duration : 3 months.
  • Class Duration : Maximum 1:30 hour.
  • Online Class Time : Negotiable
  • Everyday Class Except Friday.
  • Price : 5k taka for online. (Actual Price 15k taka)

Additional Benefits:

1) Success Assessment Test will be taken and It’s Result will be given.
2) A Certificate will be given.

2 + 12 =

Your Greatness is Only Limited by the Investment you Make on Yourself.