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There are around 1 billion-plus people live under 1 dollar a day, around 4.5 billion people live under 10 dollars a day. Only a few million people live 100 dollars a day. And only a handful of people live beyond that. Why is this scenario? Ask yourself this question that we all are chasing this shit paper called Money consciously or unconsciously but how much do we know about it? Nothing, literary nothing. And no one is talking and teaching about it around us too. There are three (3) things you must learn about Money and Wealth.
1) How to Earn Money?
2) How to Keep it?
3) How to Multiply Money?
But unfortunately, Some people have understood how to earn money, very few people know how to keep it wisely and almost no one knows how to multiply it.
What You Will Learn:
1) How to Earn Money.
2) How to Keep it.
3) How to Multiply Money & Wealth.
Materials Include:
1) 35 plus Modules.
2) 75 Massively valuable lessons with well-described points.
3) Slides in the classes.
4) 4 months 24/7 access to PWU.
Target Audience:
Anybody who wants to learn about Money, Income, and Business Formulas.


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